Ms. Carr

9th Grade Global History


This course covers topics in Global History from early civilizations to the Age of Exploration and European colonization of the Americas.  This includes a time period stretching from around 3000 BC to the year 1700.  Students will work on developing their skills in critical thinking, academic writing, collaboration, and debate.

Ms. Edgington

10th Grade Global History


The course explores key themes of world history, including interaction with the environment, cultures, state-building, economic systems, and social structures, from 1500 to the present. Students will learn to apply historical thinking skills including the ability to craft arguments from evidence; compare and contextualize historical developments; and analyze evidence to construct and understand historical interpretations.


Ms. Mazzella

11th Grade US History & Government 


United States History & Government examines time periods from the first European explorations of the America to present day. Political, military, scientific, economic, and social developments are covered in the historical overview. Students will analyze and interpret a variety of historical resources and use primary and secondary sources, complex literary and informational texts, maps, pictorial and graphic evidence of historical events. This course stresses application, problem-solving, higher-order thinking skills, and the use of classroom performance-based/open-ended assessments with rubrics. Ultimately, this course will prepare students for college and career through adherence to the Common Core State Curriculum Standards and strives to enhance student ownership of the learning process.


Please note that the passing of this course as well as the United States History & Government Regents Examination in 2015 are necessary components to fulfill graduation requirements mandated by the NYS Department of Education.


Mr. Johnson

12th Grade Econonics & AP US History